Exercise Books Division

  • Fully automatic exercise books making machines complete with in line packing facilities -These high quality machines with minimum manpower involvement ensure top quality products meeting international standards.
  • Fully automatic hard cover book line with a daily capacity of 100,000 copies per day - This automatic production line is complimented by two main auxiliary machines, an ultra-modern case making machine churning out hardcover cases at high speed with unmatched quality and high speed advanced sewing machine producing top quality book blocks essential to make a great hardcover book.
  • Modern Heidelberg Speedmaster presses that enable all printing of covers is completed in house.

Business Forms Division

  • Renowned printing presses from Japan making us one of the largest business forms printer in the county. Installation of digital printing modules on 2 of the presses allowing us to supply barcoded and other variable data commercial forms to meet the ever increasing demand of digital forms.
  • Supported by numerous auxiliary machines which enable us to produce varied ranges of business forms to meet the different and demanding specifications required by the modern offices today.
  • High quality paper roll printing machines enable us to produce Cash Register Rolls, Thermal Rolls, BPA Free Thermal Roll, Plain Rolls and Customised Preprinted Rolls that fully satisfy the requirements of our customers.